The Coronavirus Cronicles: Day 10 & 11


Yesterday I awoke earlier than normal and jumped in the shower and then went out for a walk, but there were so many people walking up and down the canal that it was hard to avoid them, so instead I walked up and down the top of the park whilst on the phone to my friend Dani, catching up on how she and her partner are in these crazy times. Josh and I had a squabble about him refusing to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with me (I know, right?!), so I stayed walking for quite a while and also caught up with my friend Sia about how isolation was going for her and her family and partner. The one uplifting thing about the past few days has been the beautiful sunshine, although it has definitely encouraged people to flout the rules and make really stupid choices about meeting up with people not in their household. For me, it makes the whole lockdown thing more bearable: we even ordered some Pimms!

I’ve decided to watch all the Marvel movies that I haven’t already seen. After Black Panther the other day, Captain America: Civil War was next on the cards. I’ve also been playing lots of Dead by Daylight, which if you like gaming, especially horror gaming then you should try this out, because it is awesome. I genuinely have played about 15hrs a week since I got it about 9 months ago…yes I’m a little addicted.

dead by daylight
Today we went for a walk and saw a red kite soaring through the skies. And lots of sheep. We went somewhere where there were no other people because it feels a lot safer than having to dodge thirty people along the canal. In the afternoon we did some household chores and then we started on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I thought I’d watched but apparently not. And in the evening, we found out that the Sims 4 is currently on sale and:


I may have taken a bit of liberty with the tattoos but there weren’t any to represent the ones I have, except for a dolphin on the ankle (I have a whale that in actuality looks more like a fish on my ankle, done with a needle and tattoo ink by a girl I used to live with at university).

I’ve avoided all COVID-19 updates today except for the steeply rising death rate. This made me feel anxious for a short while, but keeping busy with movies and The Sims and jobs around the house has meant my mind hasn’t been preoccupied with coronavirus worries. I’ve also made it clear to friends I talk to regularly on Facebook messenger that we should ask each other before sharing coronavirus news, updates, and any other content. This has helped because I was finding myself unable to not click on articles my friends were sharing with me and reading them and then becoming overwhelmed when this was happening multiple times a day, especially as I was also scrolling through my own social media and seeing a lot of scary stuff. I feel a lot better for not doing that. Facebook and Twitter seem to be the more terrifying places at the moment, whereas Instagram appears to be more uplifting and positive – on my feed anyway!

Today I found out Camembert isn’t actually vegetarian?! Apparently there are quite a few cheeses that use rennet – how did I not know this?! I’m SO friggin sad though, especially in regards to it being Camembert of all cheeses. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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