The Coronavirus Chronicles: Day 52

I have settled into this "new normal" now. I'm not going back to work until mid August to ensure that things with the coronavirus have settled as much as is possible before we run out of money to sustain us on one income. There's a structure to our days now: Josh works, and after I've … Continue reading The Coronavirus Chronicles: Day 52

The Coronavirus Chronicles: Day 38

Everything seems to have gotten into a sort of rhythm now. The pressing anxiety I felt before has abated and I am able to think more like Josh, who reasons that as long as we are taking all of the precautions possible, that is all we can do and the rest is out of our … Continue reading The Coronavirus Chronicles: Day 38

The Coronavirus Chronicles: Day 24

The days are blending into one long April day. There's a lot of "is that a cough starting up?" and "is my chest feeling tight anxiety or the coronavirus?"and "what is that tickle at the back of my throat?" and sometimes, in the night, in the dark, that anxiety can become overwhelming. I have read … Continue reading The Coronavirus Chronicles: Day 24