The Coronavirus Chronicles: Day 52


I have settled into this “new normal” now. I’m not going back to work until mid August to ensure that things with the coronavirus have settled as much as is possible before we run out of money to sustain us on one income. There’s a structure to our days now: Josh works, and after I’ve gotten up and eaten, we go for a walk. The weather is mostly warm and sunny and we sweat pushing ourselves up steep hills to reach beautiful green, shaded woods with wild garlic covering the floor in their pretty white flowers, with bluebells poking out in between them. Josh goes back to working and I write, or play Xbox, or watch TV, or bake, or do household chores, until one of us makes dinner. We eat together and listen to acoustic music, then spend the evening doing our own thing – Josh plays computer games and I play Xbox games or catch up on TV series – or together, where we play board games, Xbox games, or watch TV series or movies. It can get hard to decide what to do when we’ve done all of those three things so much. In the before times, we would go out to the pub, or for coffee, or out to dinner, or to see friends. Life is okay, but it is repetitive, and with bursts of anxiety here and there.


Food and movement is definitely a focus at the moment – but in a good way for the most part. I’m really enjoying being in nature so much, and having the energy to do longer walks than usual without crashing because I’m not putting energy into 8-hour shifts three times a week. So all that energy goes into walking around woods and fields and parks, and that feels nice. I definitely notice that there’s that little part of me that wants to push harder and further and do more, but I’m shutting that little niggle down and just focusing on the joy the movement is bringing me and on soaking up the sunshine and the thriving nature all around me. With food, I’m finding independent, small businesses to support by buying delicious pastries, gooey brownies, and soft, scrumptious breads (what better way to support local businesses, eh?). I’m also making more things in the kitchen and am going to try my hand at bread soon! I’m a good cooker and a good baker, but I know bread is harder than most things, so wish me luck…

I have two salt lamps now which give off the most beautiful glow and give the living room and my bedroom this lovely warm feeling. I got a new piece of artwork and a new t-shirt with a bit of my birthday money just to treat myself. The artist is local too, so I feel good about that. A plant that has never flowered for me before has produced some amazing pink flowers.


So things are okay over here right now. Mostly due to Josh, pastries, nature, flowers, and phone calls to my friends. ❤



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