The Coronavirus Chronicles: Day 5


Today when we got up, I noticed that on top of Josh’s floorboards that were drying out yesterday, there was water sitting on top of them. So now we think there is a leak instead and we don’t know if they are going to have to know into the wall or what in order to sort this out. It’s so stressful especially as we are having plumbers come into our flat when we are both vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Today, as I have been inside for 7 days, and have no additional symptoms apart from an on/off cough that feels very much to me like an asthma cough (which would make sense since we have so much damp in our flat right now) and since Josh has developed zero symptoms, we made the calculated decision to drive somewhere remote to have a walk. We went up into the woods behind my parent’s house, and beyond to the fields and the country lanes. We saw a few other people walking but everyone was far away from each other. We anti-bacced our hands before and after the walk as we touched stiles that we had to go over. We walked for about 70 minutes and then went home and had dinner and did our own thing.

Photo from our walk

I printed off some posters for our door that states that there is a chronically ill person and someone with a respiratory disease in the flat. I am starting to feel quite overwhelmed with anxiety. I need to focus on the things I can control rather than letting myself drown under a tidal wave of panic. I also feel really angry at all the people who are ignoring social distancing measures. At our local ice cream place in the countryside photos showed people queuing up to ice cream super close together as per normal. It is so selfish and dangerous and I can’t believe people are continuing to risk their lives and the lives of others, especially those who are vulnerable to this virus. You can tell that Boris Johnson is getting ready for full lockdown, and he needs to hurry the f*ck up.

On our door

I really would like to calm down but there’s so many scary posts on every single social media site. But equally, there’s lots of positive and helpful ones so it’s hard to stay off it especially as keeping connected is important right now, and scrolling through my phone is how I am filling up some of my time now. We need to go to the supermarket soon to stock up on food and that’s another thing to feel anxious about. This whole situation is getting a bit much. I’m sure tons of people are feeling the same, I just don’t want to spend my days feeling heavy with the weight of worry.

To end on a positive note, I found this and it’s useful:


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